A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Movements: arrows or wasd,

Camera Movements:  Mouse X and Y

Interact/punch: E or left mouse click

Jump: Space Bar

Once upon a time the ruler of the Chaos world decided to steal the tadpoles of order to bring balance to his world. Our hero embraced the journey to find the stolen tadpoles to bring back the balance!

Music Credits:

Happy Mistake: RKVC 

Allegro: Emmit Fenn

Calimba: E's Jammy Jams


Robot Boogie: Quincas Moreira


The-Order-TadPoles-GameJam.zip 131 MB
The Order tadpoles.zip 134 MB


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Love the intro graphics! Awesome art style, really unique :) 

Take a look at the character controller and animation settings for the main character to see if you can tighten up the movement of the character to the animation that gets played. For walking/running animations I personally love to use root motion, it can really help with feet sliding.

All the best,
Elliot (An animator :p )