A downloadable game for Windows

You find your stolen laptop in the garden; nothing has changed in it apart from a weird app installed.

Discover the mystery that might link this weird app to a series of murders happening in your town!


How to play:

Snacks companion is a story-based turn-based strategy game.

The game is dived in two type of scenes, the first one is the character room:

1) click the laptop

2) click on the chat icon (button on the top left)

3) read the story and choose your answer carefully, it will impact the ending.

4) control that all the text has been displayed (left click on chat area and scroll up)

5) click on the game icon to play the game.

6) if you feel stuck, click the help button on the top left

How to play the strategy game:

You have 4 units: a Gunman, a Knifeman, and 2 lookout units

1) click on the unit to select it.

2) click on the tile where you wish to move.

3) if you are close to a victim: the car or the girl, click on them to attack them

4) check the bottom part of your screen with the lookout unit to make sure no passer-by units are walking around.

5) it takes 3 turn to kill the second victim, plan your moves.

6) passer-by units can spot your lookout units if they are too close, be careful


Snacks Companions.zip 63 MB
Snacks Companions Documentation.pdf 1 MB


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Fantastic Concept - Really well thought out and framed.

The dialogue editor is insane for a 70 hour project, so congratulations on that.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do the second level as it was really confusing as to when I would be spotted or not.

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Hi, Thank you so much for the feedbacks! 

I really appreciate that you spent time playing my game. 

Is a common issue in all my games, I struggle to balance the difficulty with visual-audio feedbacks. 

Any tips  appreciated!